Make the most of AWS Lambda with Go

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Build amazing serverless applications!

  • Lambda is quickly becoming one of the best platforms for building modern applications.

  • Go is a great language for writing fast, maintainable and reliable code.

  • Used together, Lambda and Go will help you build scalable, cost-effective and high-performance applications and services!

After writing several production applications with Lambda and Go over the last few years, I've found them to be a great combination – and a lot of fun to work with.

But I've also found there are several things you'll need to know if you want to use them most effectively.

This book covers those things, to help you get up to speed with writing great Lambda functions as quickly as possible.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • An introduction to Lambda, and how it works

  • When Lambda is a good fit, and when it isn't

  • The most important AWS services to use alongside your Lambda functions

  • How to structure your projects and code

  • Deploying Lambda functions with the CDK (with examples in TypeScript)

  • How to write efficient Lambda functions with Go

  • How to write tests, including what and how to mock

  • Using logging, metrics and tracing to monitor and understand your applications

  • Extra resources for learning Go and keeping up with the AWS ecosystem

  • A guided walkthrough of creating and deploying a simple HTTP API in Go


Do I need to know Go already?

There are already a lot of great introductions to Go, so this book doesn't attempt to cover that as well. If you have even a little prior Go experience you should be fine. But even if you're just starting out with it, I've included links to some great (and free!) introductory material in the appendix, which should be enough to get you up to speed.

Do I need to know AWS already?

No, the book is suitable for any level of AWS experience (including none). Everything we use in the book will be explained.

Can I read a sample of the book before buying?

Sure! You can download a sample containing the first couple of chapters here.

Are there any other programming languages used in the book, besides Go?

The CDK examples are written in TypeScript. In my experience, writing CDK code is more pleasant in TypeScript than in Go (for reasons that are explained in the book) so that's what I've used. But don't worry if you haven't used TypeScript before – the CDK examples are all quite short, and if you've written any JavaScript code before (and perhaps even if you haven't) they should be quite clear.

What if I don't like the book?

I really hope you find the book useful! But if for any reason you're not happy with the purchase, just reply to your purchase email within 30 days to let me know, and I'll happily refund your purchase.

I want this!

You'll get the complete book in PDF & EPUB formats, and sample code for the walkthrough chapter.

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Make the most of AWS Lambda with Go

7 ratings
I want this!